Hiking in the Rain – The Ulitmate Guide

I think you’ll agree when I say that the perfect hiking day is the one with the pure, blue sky, warm sunshine and a delicate breeze. At least for most hikers. I know what you’re thinking.. and you’re right! No matter how hard you try avoiding hiking in the rain it eventually happens. Sooner or [...]

Hiking The Longest Trail in Poland – Beskid Main Trail

Last year I was hiking the Polish part of Carpathians, Bieszczady, which also happens to be the part of the longest trail in Poland – Beskid Main Trail (Główny Szlak Beskidzki). The views and the beauty of the mountains were incredible and I made a decision to hike the entire Beskid Main Trail. This year [...]

Hiking 101 – 10 Tips for Easier Hiking and Backpacking

  You love hiking, right? And I’m completely with you - hiking is one of the best outdoor activities. It makes you fit, it makes you happy, it makes you a better person. But you know exactly as I do that despite all it’s awesomeness it can be pretty exhausting and hard. Walking all those [...]

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