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Ten Essentials for Backpacking and Hiking – The Ultimate List

Ten essentials is a list of backpacking necessities that everyone should always carry with them. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner hiker ten essentials should always find a place in your backpack regardless if you’re planning a day trip or embarking on a multi day hike. The list of ten essentials had been put [...]

weekend hiking trip Harzer Hexenstieg

Weekend trip in Harz mountains   One month after my adventure in Bieszczady it was time for my next “mini” expedition. Chosen trail – Harzer Hexenstieg (Witche’s Trail) – the most famous trail in Harz mountains. Another “excuse” for this weekend trip was to test my new tent and spend my very first night alone, [...]

Harz – Hamburger Wappen

Teufelsmauer (the Devil’s Wall) is an amazing and quite extraordinary group of rock formations and cliffs located between Blankenburg and Thale in Harz Mountains.Being one of the most recognisible sites it has landed as a perfect hike to start a new year of 2016. Most guides mark starting point in Blankenburg however we chose to [...]

Bieszczady – The Last Wilderness p.1

  I started planning my first lonely and longer trip last year (2014) when I decided to seriously start hiking. Destination – Bieszczady mountains in Poland, date beginning of May. I dedicated first months of the year to planning and gathering and preparing my gear. May arrived fast and with it an ultimate, first test [...]

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