Here you will find all the hikes I\’ve done – from Bieszczady and Beskidy in Poland to Harz mountains in Germany, Alps and more. Big and small trips will find their home here.

Winter Hiking in Beskidy

Winter Hiking in Beskidy Mountains

As the winter in the mountains has begun it was a high time to do some proper winter hiking. It was a first trip in the snow this year and despite some plan changes it turned amazing […]

Hiking The Longest Trail in Poland – Beskid Main Trail

Last year I was hiking the Polish part of Carpathians, Bieszczady, which also happens to be the part of the longest trail in Poland – Beskid Main Trail (Główny Szlak Beskidzki). The views and the beauty of the mountains were incredible and I made a decision to hike the entire Beskid Main Trail. This year [...]

One Simple Lesson to Become Better Hiker

  I think you’ll agree with me when I say: Every hike you take is learning you something new each time. Well it’s definitely the case for me – every time I’m coming back with a new, valuable experience. And those single experiences form a kind of hiker’s wisdom. Today I will share with you [...]

weekend hiking trip Harzer Hexenstieg

Weekend trip in Harz mountains   One month after my adventure in Bieszczady it was time for my next “mini” expedition. Chosen trail – Harzer Hexenstieg (Witche’s Trail) – the most famous trail in Harz mountains. Another “excuse” for this weekend trip was to test my new tent and spend my very first night alone, [...]

Harz – Hamburger Wappen

Teufelsmauer (the Devil’s Wall) is an amazing and quite extraordinary group of rock formations and cliffs located between Blankenburg and Thale in Harz Mountains.Being one of the most recognisible sites it has landed as a perfect hike to start a new year of 2016. Most guides mark starting point in Blankenburg however we chose to [...]

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