Gifts for Hikers under $25

60+ Top Gifts for Hikers - 2016 Outdoor Holiday Gift Guide

Here you will find over 20 ideas for stocking stuffers for hikers you can get for less than $25. All items are useful and serve a purpose. No more unwanted, useless gifts – this year surprise your hiker with something really cool!

Merino Wool Buffgifts-for-hikers-buff

You can never have enough of those neck warmers! This 100% merino wool buff should find it’s way into everyone’s gear closet. As all merino products it’s warm, soft and stays odor free even after extended use.



Wilderness Navigation Bookgifts-for-hikers-navigation

Knowing how to use a map, a compass and a GPS is an essential skill for every hiker. This book is one of the best resources to get familiar with land navigation. Don’t let your beloved hiker to get lost.



Adventure Medical Kit  gifts-for-hikers-first-aid

Proper first-aid kit is one of the most important gear pieces. It’s a part of hiking ten essentials and should be always in any backpack. These kits are lightweight and watertight which makes them a great choice.



gifts-for-hikers-soapDr. Bronner’s Soap

It’s  great sock stuffer for hikers – completely biodegradable, liquid soap. Everyone taking multi-day hikes will need this soap to clean themselves and wash their clothing or dishes. Mint version is great, it leaves you with a super fresh feeling.




Outdoor Research Sparkplug Gaiters

Very good lightweight gaiters for every hike. They provide protection against dirt and debris as well as keep mud and some moisture away. Stretchy material is quite durable. Must have for every hiker.



Bridgedale Men’s CoolFusion® gifts-for-hikers-coolfusion-m

Lightweight Speed Demon socks made with mixed fibers (containing merino wool). Their primary use is running but they will perform as well while hiking and backpacking. Breathable with enough padding are a great choice for highly active men.



Bridgedale Women’s CoolFusion®gifts-for-hikers-coolfusion-w

Speed Diva is a variation of speed demon socks – designed especially for women. Highly wicking and breathable are a perfect choice for hot day hikes or high performance activities. Made with synthetic and merino mix they bring the best of two worlds together.



Therm-a-Rest Z-Seat Cushiongifts-for-hikers-cushion

This is a small piece of gear I recommend to everyone. There are so many occasions when you want to sit but the surface is wet, dirty, rugged etc. This foldable seat packs small and weighs so little you won’t know you carry it. I learned to love it – hope you will to.



Sawyer Mini Water Filtergifts-for-hikers-water-filter

One of the best and lightest filters on the market. It does a great job cleaning your water – I never got sick since I use it. Its 0.1 Micron hollow fiber membrane removes 99.999% of all bacteria. It’s small and highly effective.



gifts-for-hikers-heat-pouchOptimus Heat Insulation Pouch

Small but useful gadget – heat pouch is designed to keep your food warm 30% longer. It can be used for all freeze dried food pouches as well as Optimus Terra Weekend and Solo cook pots or any pots 12 inches wide.



Aquamira Water Treatment Dropsgifts-for-hikers-aquamira

These drops are a great lightweight solution for water treatment in the outdoors. Mix the two ingredients, add to your water, wait and you’re good to go. Drops don’t change the taste of the water. One package can treat 30 gallons of water.



gifts-for-hikers-fozzils-bowlsFozzils Solo Pack

Weighing only 4 oz. this set is designed for everyone who values low pack weight as well as packability of the gear. The complete set packs flat and takes very little space. It’s a great option for everyone who eats in the outdoors.



The Tentlab Duece of Spades Trowelgifts-for-hikers-trowel

Let’s be honest – we all need to poop, even in the outdoors. And to keep it nice and clean a hiker needs a trowel. This one is lightweight, small and very durable. It cuts through roots and can even serve as a tent peg.




This is probably #1 item hikers use to prevent and treat blisters. It’s fairly inexpensive but it can save you a lot of suffering. Protect hot spots or fragile zones are you’re ready to go. A perfect gift for hikers.



gifts-for-hikers-tenacious-tapeField Repair Kit with Tenacious Tape Patches

Tenacious tape is probably number one when it comes to fixing your gear if it breaks in most inappropriate moment. This kit is ideal for quick field repairs – synthetic or natural fabrics, it works on all. Great stocking stuffer for hikers!



Ben’s Insect Repellentgifts-for-hikers-repellent

No one likes to be eaten alive by mosquitoes or worry about lime disease.  Every hiker should carry a good insect repellent and use it regularly. This spray is highly effective and will keep the bugs away.



JOBY GirollaPod gifts-for-hikers-gorillapod

This is one of my favorite pieces of gear. It’s a small, flexible and lightweight tripod you can carry everywhere. You can attach it to you hiking pole and selfie stick ready or wrap it around anything and take selfie from a distance. Really good product for outdoor photography.




Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Dry Sack

This is the best pack sack I have ever used. It’s super light, durable and watertight. It good for keeping your dry set of clothes or food. You can organize and stove your gear and added weight is marginal.



Granite Gear Air Style Hiker Walletgifts-for-hikers-hiker-wallet

There are different lightweight ways of carrying your ID, cards and money on a hiking trip but having a proper hiker wallet is the best of them. It’s small/big enough to contain couple of cards, coins and notes. Keep all your precious belongings in one place.



Clif Bar Bundgifts-for-hikers-clifbar-bundle

I’m a huge fan of Clif bars is any hiker you know as well? If so I’m sure they would be happy to receive a gift of Clif Bar bundle – either big pack of one taste or even better an assorted selection. Best gifts for hikers are useful – this one definitely is.



gifts-for-hikers-socks-wSmartwool PhD Outdoor Light Crew Sock – Women’s

By far the best hiking socks I’ve tested. High percentage of merino wool makes those socks keep you feet warm even when wet. The synthetic fibers speed up the drying process. All in all a very comfortable and functional sock.



gifts-for-hikers-socks-mSmartwool PhD Outdoor Light Crew Socks – Men’s

Men’s version of the above described hiking socks. Great moisture management thanks to well placed mesh zones ensures feet comfort. Flat seams prevent rubbing and blisters. Great hiking sock.



2Toms Sport Shield Towelettegifts-for-hikers-blister-towelette

One of the best products to prevent blisters. It’s an easy to use towelette which you can use more than once a day. It covers your feet with a slippery film and neutralizes any rubbing that may occur. I used it during 24h hiking challenge and I highly recommend it!

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