On Devil’s trails – Harzer Teufelsmauer

Teufelsmauer (the Devil’s Wall) is an amazing and quite extraordinary group of rock formations and cliffs located between Blankenburg and Thale in Harz Mountains.Being one of the most recognisible sites it has landed as a perfect hike to start a new year of 2016.

Most guides mark starting point in Blankenburg however we chose to hike from another end of the trail, a small village called Timmenrode. This is where you can find one of the most famous sandstone formations – Hamburger Wappen. Starting from a small parking located next to sports ground an easy walk takes you directly to the first of many attractions of the trail. Considering the hiking destination and the views the weather was perfect – 0 degrees Celsius, still and fogy. Perfect atmosphere to hike through the Devil’s Wall.
After reaching the Hamburger Wappen ( Hamburg coat of arms ) we dedicated a substantial amount of time discovering it’s surroundings and taking pictures. Roaming around the fantastic  rock formations and climbing some of them was a perfect start of a trip.

This trip was also a perfect excuse to test my new gps unit Garmin eTrex Touch 35. As I didn’t have any proper maps yet I decided to use an open source trail maps. I used them couple of times before as printouts and they served me well. This time however their usability was limited. The gpx file contained a trail that was quite confusing (which lead to some exciting, off-trail moments) and, to be honest, omitting most of the attractive places half the time. That is why we have decided to go our own way and use the pre-loaded trail as a general reference. We continued our hike traversing the north side of the Devil’s Wall. Here the trail was much flatter and calmly lead us to the outskirts of Blankenburg. The foggy forest covered in fallen leaves helped us gather strengths for the upcoming challenges.

We started our way back around Grandmother and Grandfather formations (Grossvater and Grossmutterfelsen) Grossvaterfelsen offers a possibility of climbing up to a look out point. I’m not a climber and the way up and down made my legs tremble. Icy barriers and platform on top were not helping. After luckily making my way down I felt kinda proud of myself.

From there we have started an amazing hike on the ridge of the Devil’s Wall (Teufelsmauer Kammweg) I have to say that this was a highlight of the whole trip. The sings warn that you enter this trail on your own responsibility however it is not super difficult and provides amazing views. Totally made our day.

After descending from the ridge the remaining ~3km were relatively calm but still provided some nice views. We returned to Hamburger Wappen and waved the devil guiding the trail good bye.

It was definitely one of the nicest trips in Harz and it’s most certainly a recommendation for a great one day trip.

  Check out detailed info on that trip below!

DetailsGPS dataGetting thereLiterature
  • Difficulty  Medium
  • Distance  8.8km
  • Time  03:24:51h
  • Ascent  398 m
  • Descent  -387 m
  • Round trip
  • Altitude                          »Max. 336m               »Min. 188m



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  • Ginger Jan 24, 2016, 6:22 pm

    Cool Trip :-)

    • Trail Maiden Jan 25, 2016, 12:01 am

      Thank you – I’m glad you like it :)


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